The AHS season appears to be in full swing, and Lettas Kraal EQS is noting a steady increase in enquiries in respect of its quarantine stopover facility.

We are, of course, aware that the additional time, effort and cost attendant on a two week quarantine stopover for horses moving  South, is somewhat of a “grudge purchase”. This makes us doubly aware of the need to ensure that the Lettas Kraal experience is as painless and trouble free for our clients as we can possibly make it. We understand the need to keep your horse in ‘home comfort”, while offering the possibility to maintain fitness and training.

We thought it might be helpful if we outlined our service offering to you so as to ensure that when you make use of our facility, you will know what to expect. We also invite comment on our service offering so as to ensure that, to the extent possible, we are able to respond to your needs.

The EQS facility

Lettas Kraal EQS is located in the Touw Valley, some 35 kilometres South East of the nearest town, Touws Rivier. It is within an easy drive (some 200 kilometres) from Cape Town. The facility is an approved quarantine stop over facility, which offers vector protected stabling with the full spectrum of normal livery services. Subject to compliance with the prescribed quarantine protocol, the facility offers individual or group grazing paddocks, dry paddocks, longue facilities and, on reasonable advance notice, a soft surface earth training track. The facility is under full time management of an experienced quarantine facility manager, and is serviced by specialist veterinarians  practicing within 100 kilometres from the facility.

In addition to our stop over service, we are able to offer longer term livery services for retired horses and spelling horses with a range of accommodation options ranging from full time stabling and care for stable rest horses to full time paddock livery in secure grazing paddocks.

Value added services

  1. Lettas Kraal offers overnight or longer stay accommodation for visiting owners, trainers, riders, grooms and other interested parties.
  1. Accommodation ranges from upmarket B&B to comfortable dormitory facilities, as well as grooms’ accommodation with full amenities.
  1. A 500m sand track in a fenced area is available for work riding..
  1. Longue work and work riding can be offered on sufficient prior notice.


Please feel free to contact us on any of the addresses or numbers set out below. We would be happy to deal with any enquiries.

Gerda Wallis: Accounts and reservations – 011 6850013 and Email: gwallis@roodtinc.com

Izak Nieuwoudt: Lettas Kraal EQS – 023 358 1035 or
0827763073 (Whatsapp Messages /Calls Only) and Email: lettaskraaleqs@roodtinc.com